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Apex Mobile

Physicians and Healthcare Providers on the go can access routine and critical lab results from virtually anywhere with their smartphone or tablet.

Apex mobile is available on all I-Phones, Blackberry and Android Devices. Visit your device's app store and search "Apex Laboratory" to download the free app. First time users will be required to enter their Apex Web Scheduler Login ID and Password for verification purposes. Click here to view and print our "Help with Apex Mobile".

Instant Notifications

Notifications will be sent to your device when results become available. You may adjust your notification settings to receive routine results, critical results or both.

Critcal results can be confirmed without having to return phone calls to the lab or worrying about finding a pen and paper to write down resutls.

Patient History

Apex Mobile's "Patient History" allows users to access previous lab results with the touch of a button. Trending lab results can be quickly identified to assist providers before making critical decisions.

Access patient phone numbers, emergency contacts and other patient information. Press the "Call Patient" button and Apex Mobile will do the dialing for you.

Reorder Lab Tests

Ordering physicians may schedule future lab tests to be drawn at the patients home by using the "Reorder Tests" feature.

Users have the option to reorder a single test or select multiple tests from previous orders.

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