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Call Center Survey

Thank you for calling our customer service department. Please share your feedback by filling in the information below.

* Date of Call (MM/DD/YYYY)    Time of Call (HH:MM) 
* Briefly describe the issue that caused you to contact customer service. 
* About how long did you have to hold before speaking with a representative? 
Didn't have to hold at all
One minute or less
1-5 minutes
6-10 minutes
More than 10 minutes
* From the time you first spoke with the representative, how long did it take to resolve the issue? 
It was resolved immediately
Less than a day
1-2 days
3-5 days
More than 5 days
The issue is still unresolved
* If your call had to be transfered to another representative or department, were you transfered correctly on the first try? 
Yes No
* Please evaluate the representative you spoke with 
  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
Eager to help
Spoke clearly
Understood my issue
* How many calls to customer service did you have to make before the issue was resolved? 
4 or more
The issue is still unresolved
* Overall, how satisfied were you with customer service? 
Very Satisfied   Satisfied   Neutral   Dissatisfied   Very Dissatisfied  
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